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Welcome to my website and blog.

I live in Brisbane, Australia and have been photographing professionally for nearly 10 years.

I came to the profession quite late actually.

At around 30 years old I realised I had no creative outlet in my life at all. I enjoyed seeing great photography but I only ever owned basic point-and-shoots for some happy snaps.

It was around this time that digital photography was taking off which appealed to my inner geek, plus I saw it as a fantastic opportunity to learn photography without the hassle of developing film.

So with an impending vacation up to the North of Australia with my newly married wife , I purchased my first real camera – a trusty Minolta A1. Cutting edge at the time, with a whopping 5 megapixels.

I really loved taking photos and that was the start of it all really.

There’s plenty more to tell but perhaps I leave that for a blog post down the track sometime. I am self taught which means countless hours learning via books and online,  then practicing.

I have photographed all sorts of work which you can get a feel for by looking through my galleries. I shot weddings for a number of years and since I’m self-taught, I viewed this as my own apprenticeship.

Nothing will force you to learn photography quicker than shooting weddings.

My advice to any young photographer is to start here. You shoot portraits, landscapes, products, food, people and all under a certain amount of pressure, with limited time.

Most importantly however, you learn to deal with people, and that is what great photography is all about.

Now based in Brisbane, I focus solely on portrait work and commercial photography. I love this work for how varied it can be – one day up in a chopper, the next down in a mine-pit, the following shooting the CEO’s portrait in the studio or a family in the park.

In commercial and portrait photography I’m able to build relationships with my clients that go well beyond a day of shooting.

Many  have become good friends and when we work on a shoot together this is a real joy.

Today my work is still focused around people which means I  regularly build image libraries for clients that provide a great resource for them to tell their story.

A picture really can paint a thousand words and in today’s business reality, there is a lot of visual noise to be heard above. My strengths are in painting these pictures for you.

I shoot a lot of corporate portraits, architectural work, industrial photography, advertising and general commercial photography. I also shoot portrait work with families, couples, kids plus business profiles.

In my spare time I love to shoot stuff for me too.

Please look around my galleries for some inspiration or you can read what other clients have to say about their experience with me.


Dean Whitling


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