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I love photography because there is magic about it.

The magic of  loving a photo with no explanation why, just knowing you love it.

It’s amazing that a photo can offer so much from a single moment in time. Different to the moving image, which is more rushed and comes at you, the still image is exactly that – it is still.

It allows you to come to your own conclusions without feeling rushed or forced.

You can take your time with a photo and it can stay with you long after viewing it.

A picture not only paints a thousand words, it conveys feelings which are the language of the soul. We all know this language in our hearts and this is why photos mean so much to us.

This is why the first thing people save in a house fire is their photo albums. This is why people love their camera phones so much today and take more photos than ever before. This is why despite the increase in films, digicams, and YouTube, the still image can still be so amazing.

It can stop us in our tracks and talk to us in away that no other medium can.

Everybody can see and feel a photo easily without trying.

We do it without thinking about it and that’s the point really. Without thinking, assessing or calculating we can immediately feel what photo conveys and this is the universal power of photography.

This why I love photography

This is what I fell in love with when I began photography and this is the magic I maintain my photography work today.

I feel the magic of a photo starts with a process of integrity and connection. For me this means making the process all about people.

In portraits this is creating an experience which is enjoyable and fun. In commercial work it means connecting with you to really understand the message you want to deliver. In architectural work it means capturing  buildings that are built by people, for people.

All photos are fundamentally about people and in the end it’s always a person that will be viewing and relating to them.

At DWPhoto I have a simple approach. We build a connection together first and  let the photos flow naturally from that connection. Clarity of vision is best expressed through a simplicity of approach. So I like to keep it simple.

Please take a look through my galleries and enjoy the photography. If you would like me to create images for you or your business, then please get in contact……and we’ll see if we can create a little magic.

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Sincerely, Dean Whitling